BOD Governance & Recording Secretary

Website Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Job Description:

Responsible for coordinating Board of Directors (BOD) and related committee work plans to ensure that the Corporate Secretary can attest to meeting CSO/BOD statutory and regulatory requirements are met. Facilitate the BOD decision making process by managing submissions, communicating decisions and ensuring decisions are implemented. Triage all issues flowing in and out of the Corporate Secretary’s Office. Provide support for management of BOD governance matters.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Prepare summary of deliberations and decisions arising from all BOD and committee meetings as well as any committees to which the Corporate Secretary is assigned, making sure that all decisions and actions are duly noted.
  • Oversee and maintain the Board of Directors’, and the Investment Committee Minuting processes and Minute Books.
  • Act as the central point of contact for the Corporate Secretary’s Office, managing issues flowing in and out of the Secretary’s Office and triaging and responding to requests for information in person, by telephone or through written correspondence. Provide support to Manager on BOD governance matters.
  • Maintain the Board minute books and ensure accurate completion of documents in accordance with the formal Minuting process.
  • Prepare Minuting documents for signature by the Corporate Secretary, Chair or President and CEO as appropriate.
  • Ensure proper notices are issued to board members, uploading of materials to BOD Portal and meeting logistics including preparation of binders.
  • Ensure copies of all minute books are backed up as part of the Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Set, organize and co-ordinate all BOD meetings, in accordance with the BOD and Committee work plans as well as working with executive leads to finalize said work plans.
  • Review corporate documents to identify issues of importance and provide relevant commentary and advice, including revising documents to ensure compliance with standards, analyzing issues, gathering information and developing options related to BOD minuting standards.
  • Planning and coordinating communications/correspondence to BOD and committees
  • Maintaining listings for OICs, Directory of Memberships, Annual affirmations etc.
  • Maintaining /updating Board committee mandates, templates, work plans and action points from committee meetings.
  • Review, edit and consolidate corporate documents, presentations and memos received for BOD submission for content and style before posting to portal.
  • Gather information, determine sensitivity and use judgement as to when the subject should be raised with the Manager or Corporate Secretary.
  • Provide support and logistics for all committees of the Board of Directors’ ensuring the security of sensitive and confidential materials.
  • Evaluate effectiveness, recommend functional enhancements and oversee maintenance of Board Portal and SharePoint Site; act as security administrator by ensuring appropriate staff are provided access to the board portal and SharePoint site, providing training and orientation, troubleshooting of issues management.
  • Maintain and coordinate renewal of official corporate membership listings, attendance reports,
  • Order in Council terms and Annual Affirmations, etc. annually or as needed.
  • Conduct research and provide background information necessary to facilitate executive action and decision making.
  • Coordinate, compile and distribute final materials for Committee and BOD meetings for the Chair and President, and post said materials to the BOD Portal site for review by BOD members as required.
  • Assisting in developing agendas based on analysis of evolving issues, work plans and action points, assisting in preparation of reports as required.
  • Updating information for external website with respect to BOD committee membership, bios, resolutions and terms etc.
  • Developing and maintaining follow-up system, listings for action points arising from all BOD and committee meetings in order to ensure timely completion.
  • Act as back-up to the Manager, Board Governance and Associate Secretary to ensure integrity of the enterprise governance framework and ensure corporate documents.
  • Provide general administrative support by:
  • Establishing an effective working relationship with senior management and staff in the operating areas to communicate and follow-up on specific requests and commitments of the BOD and committees.

Job Requirements:

  • Over 7 years of corporate administrative experience work in public administration and supporting executive level leaders
  • College/University degree in business administration or related field
  • 7 years of corporate administrative experience work, knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order, BOD procedures and practices, business administration principles and operational practices.
  • Writing and communication skills to ensure minutes capture essential discussions, decisions and action points

Job Details:

Company: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Job Category: Government

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Windsor, Ontario, CA

Application Deadline: N/A

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