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Job Description:

Maintains and repairs all wood, fiberglass and associated items aboard the ship including boats, inflatable boats, boat equipment, boat chocks, raft stowage receptacles, etc. and making permanent and temporary repairs to wooden decks and sheathing, paneling, doors and other heavy wooden items.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participates in statutory safety drills and ship contingency exercises as per the Safety Management System. Assists in the testing of safety equipment and systems. Effects minor repairs to ship fire-tight doors. Assists in firefighting and damage control aboard ships.
  • Assists deck operations in lifting/deployment of subsurface scientific moorings and equipment in Arctic waters from the deck of the ship and from remote sites such as large ice floes.
  • Making and finishing new small items, as authorized for the comfort and well being of the ship’s complement and if required, applying a variety of finishes to match existing ship décor, within the limits of ship’s stores.
  • Monitors the level and consumption of fresh water and ballast water on board ship. Takes daily soundings of all fresh water tanks, ballast tanks, cofferdams and void spaces.
  • Assists in loading, stowing, securing and discharging of cargo and supplies. Assists in delivering equipment and stores ashore by small ship or helicopter to remote sites. Fabricates storage containers for safe and secure shipment of all types of shipboard equipment, machinery parts or program-related equipment.
  • Lifts and places small floating aids to navigation in Arctic waters. Assists in the maintenance of floating and fixed aids to navigation, such as cleaning, painting, general site upkeep and repairs, carpentry, concrete and other construction work.
  • Maintains and repairs paneling, bunks, chairs, desks, shelves, lockers and cupboards in cabins, work, recreational and messing spaces; replacing broken glass, rubber or special synthetic seals, grommets, etc. in portholes, windows and doors, ensuring water tightness or weather integrity, as required.

Job Details:

Company: Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Hamilton, Ontario, CA

Application Deadline: N/A

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